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Our products are developed with the racer or track day enthusiast in mind. They are designed and supported in-house utilising the very latest design & development tools.

All BJR Technology products are designed to be recyclable wherever possible.

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L-Sys2 Dash Logger
Speed / RPM
Lap Timing
Data Logging
Shift Lights
Easy Install
RR Video Software (optional)
Viewer Software (Included)

The basic idea behind the L-Sys2 was simple. We wanted to create a combined digital dash and data logging system that was easy to fit, easy to use, and would work automatically behind the scenes without fuss. It would be designed specifically with racers and performance vehicle enthusiasts in mind who want better performance. Most importantly it must work effortlessly, reliably, and must not cost a fortune either!

And here’s a little more of the story behind that decision...

Upon talking to fellow club racers and performance vehicle enthsiasts we discovered three different types of user. Firstly, there were those using low end systems such as smartphone apps and simple lap timers who said they were lacking some key functionality, so essentially too little information. Secondly, there were those at the other end of the scale using high end systems, who said they often found thermselves with shed loads of data, so much they simply never have the time or the team around them to make sense of it all, so essentially too much information. And finally, there were those who said they were using nothing at all, but only because they thought it was simply out of reach, too difficult, too expensive, they said...

And this was the inspiration behind the L-Sys2. It seemed obvious that if we were to provide a solution slap bang in the middle of these two extremes it would make perfect sense...

Our stance on this was clear from the outset, we would tackle the whole thing from the ground up with the end user in mind and design it specifically for vehicle enthusiasts who want to exploit more performance with little compromise. We went ahead and created something intuitive, easy to install and configure, with the right level of information being displayed and recorded to help see and understand where valuable time was either being lost or gained. A system which would also prove useful as an aid in spotting the early warning signs of an underlying problem, so it also has built in alarms which are fully configurable.

The digital dash provides real time driver feedback and right from the moment the engine bursts into life the system is busy automatically data logging at 10 Hz in the background recording exactly what is happening. All data is stored onto a Micro-SD card with ample storage capacity for literally thousands of laps. After each session summary information can be reviewed and compared upon the device meaning quick setup changes are possible, or alternatively use the PC Data Viewer software to drill down further into the data and pinpoint where best to concetrate your efforts next.

We are seeing that more and more of our systems finding their way onto all kinds of performance vehicles, so our initial research has proven to be right.

Our optional 'RR Video Software' allows creation of stunning looking video overlays. Using a PC this software allows you to take your own video camera footage and merge it with the recorded data taken from the L-Sys2 to create professional looking results every time. Why be forced to buy yet another video camera system when you may have something that is perfectly suitable already?

Please feel free to browse through our website, if you would like to be kept up to date with news and information from us here at BJR then please take a moment to register with us now.

Read an independant testomonial from VF-Racing by clicking here.

L-Sys2 Dash Logger - Kit Options
Models Available:  
LS2 'Club'
Track Kit
LS2 'Club'
L-Sys2 Dash Logger - 10 Hz
Power / RPM Lead
M10 Temperature Sensor
Wheel Speed Sensor
Lap Timing
Sector Timing (4 Splits)
GPS Receiver
GPS Track Mapping
Viewer Software for PC
Oil Pressure Sender

● Included
○ Optional

LS2 'Club' Track Kit



LS2 'Club' GPS Kit



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Display > Record > Investigate > Validate > Execute

> Display
Real-time digital dash displays lap times, shift lights, gear indicator, speed, rpm, temperatures, along with fully configurable alarm lights, all displayed in a simple and configurable manner, providing up to date information during each run.

> Record
From the moment the engine fires up the data is being recorded and stored away behind the scenes to Micro-SD card with enough capacity for literally thousands of laps. There’s no need to worry about remembering to press any buttons either, as recording starts automatically.

> Investigate
Immediately after a session use the on board review mode allows you to run through your all lap times, best lap, engine maximums, complete with session summary data. This is a great way to quickly see if you are in the right “ball park” with your current setup.

> Validate
Our simple PC based software viewer tool allows you to open, analyse, review, and compare results in a really simple manner. Use the graph and display tools to look at consistency, compare laps, and look more closely at the data.

> Execute
Use the results to look at where you can shave off time or fine tune your setup, plus help to hone your driving skills and drive more consistently. Use the data to help you find out where you should be looking to make changes that give you the competitive advantage.

The L-Sys2 is the perfect platform to introduce you into the world of data-logging. Start simple by utilising just the summary data, and then gradually learn as time goes by how to ‘read’ the data and really help you“…drive down time”

L-Sys2 Dash Logger Introduction
…For Race & Performance
Vehicle Enthusiasts