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Digital Dash and Data Logger

Our digital dash and data logger records real time information which can then be reviewed
directly on board, or by utilising our Data Viewer Software on a PC to see all the information in greater detail.

There are two kit options available, both using exactly the same dash logger unit, the only differences being what is connected and configured. The 'GPS' kit unleashes the power of track mapping and sector timing by using the latest 10Hz GPS technology, whereas the 'Track' kit simply excludes the use of lap timing. Both kits can be expanded to suit your requirements.
The optional RR Video Software allows you to take your own video footage and combine it with the L-Sys2 recorded data to create your own data overlays. Perfect for learning more or sharing with others!

Introducing BJR 'Driver Log' Technology

All the data and vehicle configuration is stored directly onto Micro-SD card, with a enough capacity for a full seasons racing, or possibly even an entire club racing career. So all your data is right there at hand ready for when you may need it. This unique feature is also useful if swapping drivers, or running a race school, as you can assign a card to individual each driver. It is even possible to swap cards between vehicles. Text format log files provide an easy way to export data into other software tools such as Microsoft Excel® This makes for a very flexible and powerful solution, no matter how you choose to use it.