Driving down time...
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BJR Technology Ltd is a close knit and passionate team of professional and dedicated design engineers with some 50 years of combined industry experience. We are entirely focused on providing reliable and affordable products that perform, impress, and last, without compromise.

We aim to help maximise design and manufacture efficiencies and are proud supporters of UK manufacturing.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more.

We take technology and process and turn it into solutions that make a real difference, but without any fuss or complication. The UK has a strong tradition of churning out fantastic inventions and innovations that have often taken the world by storm. We are here to ensure those traditions continue by utilising the latest technologies to provide creative yet neat solutions. Performance enhancing technologies is what we do best …Driving down time!

Our Distributors

It is all about creating and forming long standing relationships that allow our passion for technology to be shared, nurtured, and evolved into products & solutions that are successful by clever design and collaboration.

Our Customers

Our aim is to provide solutions that work for you rather than against you. We realise that listening carefully to our customers is the key to driving our future!